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We are pleased to present Antonia whose imaginative pieces will sweep you away…from Zapallar, Chile where her art is influenced by the magic of the mountains and the sea, to Rome, Italy where the mystery and culture of the city is captured in her art. According to Antonia, “I work with improvisation and always create on accident. I search for the spirituality of expression using simple natural elements. I work a lot in Rome with all the magic of this city and culture, a mysterious richness that never ends…Baroque, the Renaissance; there is beauty in everything. I have also taken inspiration from places in the Mediterranean and the cultures that area represents. Chile is different from other countries I’ve lived and traveled. Here, I am inspired by nature, the silence and the history of my own country.”

The more you get to know Antonia, her passion for both Chile and Italy is contagious, and we are confident that you will feel as swept away by her artwork as we do.



The contrast in art styles abound in Chile; from modern contemporary to traditional religious, yet all play an important role in the artistic diversity of this nation. Native Chileans are proud of their heritage and their contribution to the art world.

While in Santiago, we were invited to an outdoor art exhibit that featured a mural/graffiti artist who had recently completed painting the exterior of a building in the business district of the city. The festivities extended well into the warm summer evening, where we were surrounded by two musical venues in different locations on either side of the building. The highlight was the variety of artists' works on display.

We also had the opportunity to meet Sebastian Maquieira, one of the creative, young contemporary artists whose artwork you can find throughout our web gallery.