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France has had a great impact on Christophe’s inspiration and motivation as an artist. Living in Paris with all the wonderful art venues to experience, he frequents the various art museums, shows and exhibitions. According to Christophe, “Being an artist is one of my reasons for living. I am lucky to have a passion. I’m on a constant quest to create art, to stage it. My preference is to work with brushes and rollers and I work mostly on the ground and my art tends to be large because I feel more at ease when my body can join in. I feel limited making a single painting; it is maybe for this reason that I usually create paintings in series. When I paint, I work in successive phases. My drawings are more spontaneous, but slower. I can draw without thinking, while I cannot paint without thinking.”

The mystery and romance of Paris lead us to the artwork of Christophe Cartier. His works will help you get lost in your thoughts about your travels and experiences of that magnificent city, reminding you of the spectacular works of the past Masters found throughout Paris.


From Paris to Mayenne

Traveling throughout France at any time of year offers a wide variety of opportunities to experience the beauty of art and culture, intertwined in cities both large and small. One of the Elementos Design featured artists Christophe Cartier, who lives and works in Paris, gathers much of his inspiration from his surroundings; whether it be the Seine sculpting the city centre of Paris, or the Mayenne to the east with its ageless mystique.

France is home to some of the world’s most well known art museums, inspiring new and upcoming artists to freely express themselves in their work. We have hand selected art pieces from these artists, including Mr Cartier, for you to appreciate and enjoy.



As we traveled through the various villages scattered along France’s countryside, one of the more unique features we noted was the wonderful signage and colors used for the quaint shops and storefronts. Design and business articles tout that exterior signage is often your first point of communicating with a potential customer so it is important to make it both appealing and legible. An integral part is color, and how colors play together ultimately makes all the difference in the mood you are able to create. Just think of your favorite location and you will most likely visualize some color. Imagine a weekly market at a Peruvian mountain town, the setting sun on a Caribbean island, or a Mediterranean fishing village, and you cannot avoid feeling uplifted and happy because of the colors.

Van Gogh lived in Arles, France and he wrote in a letter to his brother, "My house here is painted the yellow color of fresh butter, the shutters a garish green. It is bathed in sunlight and stands on a square with a garden... Inside I am able to live and breathe, to contemplate and paint."