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Radek is a self taught painter who concentrates primarily on portraits. He begins with bold background strokes, and then uses a resin paint specially prepared to refine and blend the forms he creates. Finally, he works the flesh tones to a suitable color palate range for the subject using high quality acrylic paints to avoid the loss of color saturation. According to Radek, “The finish on the painting is a specially prepared blend of varnishes, applied in stages to create a perfectly even surface and adds depth and softness to the final image. I strive to create undistorted shapes which are deeply emotional and symbolic. By focusing on faces as the main subjects for my work I try to portray all aspects of human nature through mood and character.”

Radek creates powerful images with an expressive use of light and shadow that engage us and bring us into his portraits similar to that of many of the historic artists of the past.


Irish Landscapes

Things that come to mind while day dreaming about Ireland are the lush green rolling hills, homesteads with rock fence lines that seem to go on forever, and the breathtaking rock cliffs dropping into the ocean. For that reason, we could not neglect to note how important the landscape of Ireland, in our opinion, has influenced the artwork from this enchanting country.

While traveling throughout Ireland, we were captivated by the contrast between the quaint countryside, with the immenseness of the Cliffs of Mohr. You are truly surrounded with inspiration. Take some time to review the paintings from Padraig McCaul, and we hope that you feel that same draw.



We believe at Elementos Design that everyone can be inspired by everyday items that we see, especially while traveling. The entry door color to a residence or business can unquestionably make a statement. We discovered these colorful doors while visiting the city of Dublin, and they definitely make an impact. The bold color palette of the doors set against the classic brick and stone backdrop adds a new charm and character, extending the friendly Irish greeting for visitors to enter.

We encourage you to experiment with color and make your own statement!