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Andres describes Lima as a very diverse city, “In many aspects; you can find the most outrageous contrasts in its culture, its people, its food, its art, and its way of life. This contrast is its most attractive feature, since it can make you experience a multitude of sensations. Lima’s constant vitality is what inspires me.”

According to Andrés, “My works tends to work as a critique, making a satire out of political or social situations. I find the duality between the superficial and serious aspect of society interesting, because it synthesizes and reflects society as it is, and how I see it. Therefore, I create as a response to this. I'm always influenced by what's around me, seeking the aesthetic meaning of what I see.”


Art Scene in Peru

For a glimpse of what’s “new” in the Peruvian art world, we travel to Lima – and more specifically, to its historical center and the literary neighborhood of Barranco. This is where talented, yet unrepresented artists get to thrive in the underground scene. It seems like there are music events accompanied by art openings almost every night and in less traditional “galleries” than what might be expected. Nowadays, you can attend a dance party and see up-and-coming artists’ work displayed in many of the city’s abandoned mansions that had previously been left to decay without purpose. An inspiring new restorative trend in Lima, they have now been given new life and a sense of charm that adds even more dimension to their historic architectural beauty.

The current art movement in Peru tends to be a bit rebellious and anti-establishment, but certainly merrymaking, and we’re proud to bring you some of this country’s freshest talent, through our online gallery.


Architectural Elements