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Mixed Media on Wood
Luca Giannini
Using the dimensions of Noah's Ark for his title, Luca plays on the parallels in the struggle to go beyond one's limits in both ancient times and the present day in this piece titled, "300x50x30".
A Block in the Razsaonika Neighborhood
Black & White Photography
Domenico Ponziano
To illustrate the effects of the communist regime in Eastern Europe, Domenico photographed many examples of Soviet Rationalism architecture, such as these housing buildings.
A Monet
Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas
Antonia Covarrubias Noe
With complete spontaneity, this painting took on a life of its own as Antonia painted, resulting in something she had never predicted.
Abandoned Ship on the Dvini Severnaja River
Black & White Photography
Domenico Ponziano
For Domenico, this scene was a visual link between the vibrant past and decaying present of the Russian city of Arkhangelsk.
Luca Giannini
Luca explores the five primary elements based on Chinese cosmology, in his series of 5 photographs titled, "Wood", "Fire", "Earth", "Metal" and "Water".
After the Storm - Sold
Oil on Canvas
Olivier Longuet
An Evening on Broadway
Oil on Wood
David Atkins
Taking a world-famous destination and making it his own, David brings New York’s streets to life, even in the dead of winter.
Luca Giannini
Through his use of very lightweight materials for his sculpture, "Ark", Luca encourages us to leave out the heavy things in life that impede us from renewing ourselves.
Army Parade
Black & White Photography
Norbert Vogel
The final march of the soldiers of the National People's Army, signaling the end of the German Democratic Republic, as captured by Norbert in this captivating image.
Aurora - Sold
Acrylic on Canvas
Noel Gazzano

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David’s expressive paintings provide us a glimpse of life and lands both near and far. According to David, “There are places, times, moments in a day that can be extraordinary and it is these that I seek to discover through the act of painting. The visual excitement and bombardment of people, objects, light, space, colour and movement are the subjects I explore in the hope of conveying a sense of life in that moment. Painting is a means of communicating what I feel most passionately about. It is a language that allows me to express my responses to the very beautiful and inspiring things I see around me. There is a point when I achieve something new and exciting in the painting, and realise the moment where looking and working have come together. What results is the culmination of a struggle to say what’s important, essential and poetic.”

The response to David’s paintings has been wonderful. He is able to transform ordinary settings and scenes that are familiar to us into vibrant paintings that hypnotize us.