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Glue Design is the unique blend of five artistic designers all specializing in their own individual areas encompassing sustainable and green design, restoration, video art, graphic and interior design. According to the Glue Design team, “To separate and to fuse, to construct and deconstruct, to unglue the glued and glue the ‘ungluable’: this is Glue Design. We are based in Florence the capitol of Renaissance culture and have learned the ecstasy of the beauty of this city, its landscapes and its hidden details, thanks to surprising research into our own curiosities. We are driven by the desire to go beyond history while still maintaining tradition and culture, which allows us to advance in our research of new possibilities. Our work is based primarily in the field of ‘green design’; an eco-friendly and democratic environment for design, and our principal intention is to fascinate, stimulate, bring out emotions and make the individual reflect and sometimes even smile ironically.”

This inventive collaboration of individuals provides an exceptional collection of pieces that we know you will agree is a true discovery.