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Born and raised in Spain, Manzo has traveled and lived in many locations before settling in his current beloved home of Reykjavik, Iceland. According to Manzo, “I really like Iceland, the people and their slightly different ways of doing things here. I have no plans to leave this country. I get inspired by my surroundings and life experiences. I create my pieces as a medium to express emotions and I really like designing what I see is missing. What fascinates me about my work is that I can do anything…not only conceptual, but functional art. My designs do not only focus on new technologies, but also on the concept, materials and craftsmanship that go into them.”

It is clear that Iceland has made an impact on Manzo’s designs and each piece tells its own unique story. We are pleased to offer these distinctive pieces that will make a statement in any environment.



Iceland, long known for spectacular natural scenery, has in recent years grown into a vibrant cultural destination with several international art festivals and events taking place throughout the year. The cultural scene is booming, and “creative industries," as part of the country's total annual production are bigger than in most other European countries and steadily growing. Despite its relation to international art trends, Icelandic art has followed its own principles and the country's contemporary art doesn’t place too much stock in tradition.

In crafts and design as in other fields of art, Iceland is a melting-pot of creativity. At the same time, Icelandic fashion designers, architects and designers owe much to Iceland´s isolated geographical position: though influenced by both European and American trends, they have taken an independent approach to design. Much of what is created by contemporary artists has an underlying theme of fusion between nature and modern comforts. For example, many furniture designs and wall decorations make use of moss or grass, amongst other slightly off-the-beaten-track things found in the wild nature of this enchanting country.


Manzo's Design Process

Manzo Mbomyo, from Reykjavik, Iceland is an artist that creates studio furniture and lighting from concept to final piece. The design process for these original pieces evolves during the course of his work, and often involves analyzing a design problem to create a simple responsible solution or exploring materials that he can use in unique ways. The “form” of Manzo’s pieces is borne from his art, however it is generated by function.

Manzo explains his art/design process, "My inspiration comes from the journey we all have to pass. There is an infinite source of inspiration, people, places, moments, aromas, and I could go on and on...I use design as a medium of communication and interaction."