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Estrella de tu Pecho

Oil on Canvas
Sol Storni

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"Estrella de tu Pecho" (Star of your Chest) is one of Sol Storni’s paintings from a series presented at the Paris Expose dans le Louvre “Te doy mi palabra” (You Have My Word). Sol explains:

“I sought to portray through the paintings, poems that make a connection with my origin. I think that what we say and what we do, and not say, also portrays an image consistent of our being”.

Sol in her art often works with the human figure, particularly with heads, “I’m interested in the emotions of the people I represent and I choose to portray different angles and for me that is why I work… part of the bone structure, portions of their energy fields, aspects of their gestures. I like to raise Dali, when he says he measures the intelligence of people depending on how many pictures one has inside. I feel that my work proposes a game to the viewers’ imagination and in my pictures everything is happening and nothing is close ended. It is harmonious chaos, that allows the viewer to find the new emotions and visions every time they return to observe the work, completing the picture, and in your mind making this exercise a continuous perfect present”.


  • Oil Painting on
  • Gallery-Wrapped Canvas
  • with Natural Oak Wood
  • Float Frame
  • Ready to Hang
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  • Approx. 4-6 Days


  • 13.7in H x 10.6in W
  • 35cm H x 27cm W
Estrella de tu Pecho

Sol Storni


Sol Storni, raised in the suburbs of Buenos Aires developed a strong independent character at a young age. At eighteen she left home to travel the world visiting more than 40 countries. These countries and experiences had a great impact on her art and to Sol it was her, “Search for artistic identity”. She came from an artistic family and as Sol recalls, “In my house there was always someone playing an instrument, singing, drawing or reading.” Her great aunt, Alfonsina Storni, was a renowned Argentinean poet who tragically ended her life at age forty six. Legend has it that the poet went into the sea and on the morning of October 25, 1938 her body was found on the beach. That newspapers reported the news, “She died tragically, Alfonsina Storni, great poet of America whose last poem was titled “Quiero Dormir’ (I Want to Sleep)”. Sol reflects, “I had to travel a long road to understand and heal, in order banish that image, which was so strong it haunted me since childhood. I started painting…to not die.”

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Estrella de tu Pecho


While in Buenos Aires, we had the opportunity to attend the exhibition 25 Voces de la Democracia (Voices of Democracy) at the Casa de Gobierno. The building is the official seat of the executive branch of the government of Argentina and the offices of the President, and is also referred to as the Casa Rosada (the Pink House). The exhibition represented a collection of local artists in celebration of 25 years of Argentinas democratic life.

The banner at the exhibit read: “Art, like democracy, represents freedom and the possibility to express, which is why thirty-two artists featured from the local scene were selected to symbolize metaphorically through the ballot box, to be worth twenty-five years of democracy”.

We are pleased to share one of these talented artists with you, Sol Storni.

Estrella de tu Pecho

Design Inspiration from Argentina

Sol Storni, our featured artist from Buenos Aires, was pleased to have been featured in an Argentinean design publication. These innovative, striking pieces painted by Sol, shown in 2 separate interiors settings, become the focal point for the designers to build the remainder of the interior surroundings. The groupings combined in this manner enhance the symmetry and balance of the space. The paintings are a combination of bright, vibrant colors and more muted tones. These bright warm colors add accent and warmth to both settings and the neutral base tones assist in grounding and solidifying the color palette.

Elementos Design is pleased to offer several of these paintings on our web gallery, and believe that they would make a perfect inspirational addition to any interior environment.