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What We Give the Artist and Vendor

Elementos Design is a web-based retail business that provides original international artwork and design elements for purchase.  We are currently searching for high end pieces from artists and vendors internationally to feature on our web gallery. 

Elementos Design is the perfect outlet for artwork and design pieces.  We will empower artists and vendors to reach a cultivated community of art enthusiasts and design and architectural professionals who come to Elementos Design looking for high end pieces.  Our website will market the artists’ work, bringing attention to each work’s most unique physical or historical details, highlighting its origin, its raison d’etre and the materials used.  Elementos Design professionals analyze every item carefully, and create innovative recommendations for use or repurposing.  Editorials and design tips link to the artists’ space on the website, increasing the chances of selling the artists’ work.  Elementos Design will assist artists in positioning their names and work, ensuring the placement of art in the homes and commercial spaces of an elite clientele.


How is Elementos Design different?

Elementos Design differentiates itself from other art and design elements websites by providing an interactive experience for the client.  We provide the client with design ideas, suggestions, information regarding the history of the piece, and the region of the world in which the piece was created.  The client will be able to locate the pieces by country or type of product.  We will feature a “product of the week” ensuring all artists equal visibility of their work.

We believe that our clientele is interested in purchasing artwork and design elements for themselves or others that have personal meaning; items from locations they have traveled or would like to travel.  We believe that the pieces that surround us in our lives should provide value to us as well as represent some meaning and inspiration in our lives and those who share it.

Where is Elementos Design based?  

Our web-based retail business is located in the United States with representatives in the Midwest, East and West coasts.

Our team of professionals travel to international countries to source products and meet with vendors and artists.  Recent trips included Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile where we visited with Sol Storni and Sebastian Maquieira in their respective studios.  Visit their product pages for more information regarding their work with Elementos Design.

We would be pleased to schedule personal meetings with you during our journeys to your country.

What types of items are sold on the Elementos Design web gallery?

Original artwork inlcuding photography, paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, lighting, accessories and furniture pieces. 

Original historic elements and details including deco stone and garden, entrances and doors, chimney and fireplace, stained glass and mirrors, ironwork, to name a few.

How do artists/vendors sell their products through Elementos Design? 

Artwork and design elements will be purchased through our online store, shipping directly from the artist/vendor to the client.  This model has been used successfully in a number of American e-commerce businesses.

How does Elementos Design market the products to potential clients?

Elementos Design has developed a comprehensive marketing plan to target clients through various social media channels, trade shows, email campaigns, and by providing them with precise online search results.

Does Elementos Design charge a commission?

We do not charge a commission fee to the artist.  We request pricing for each piece and then Elementos Design establishes a selling price which includes shipping and handling.

How does an artist/vendor know when one of their pieces is sold?

After an order has been received on the website, we notify the artist/vendor via email of the requested purchase.  We will work directly with the artist/vendor to determine the best means to pack and ship the piece so that it arrives safely to the customer. 

What information does Elementos Design need for an artist/vendor to be included or considered?

Please contact us by forwarding an email to:

After the initial contact we will request that you provide the following information:

1)    Digital images of your work for our review

2)    Artist Statement / Bio / CV

3)    Recent Exhibition History

4)    Pricing

5)    Additional information regarding the inspiration and/or history or meaning of the piece 

We are interested in discussing how we can work together to represent your artwork or design elements to promote your pieces. 

Our advisory panel of consultants is comprised of architects, designers and consumers from thoughout the world.  They will review your resume and collection for inclusion in the web gallery.

Newly emerging artists are welcome to apply, however we do request some history of exposure and/or sales.

To ensure a strong long-lasting alliance, Elementos Design has created a detailed Artist/Vendor Agreement in which you will be able to learn more about our partnership expectations.  Honoring our global business approach, and as a part of our commitment to our collaborators, the Artist/Vendor Agreement is available in several languages upon request.


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